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Meet our exceptional allrounder/hunter, Pippa! 🐴

Pippa is a true gem;With bundles of XC, hunting and SJ experience, she has showcased her potential and skill in all arenas! Her elegance and responsiveness on the flat make her an ideal match for a competent amateur rider seeking a versatile and accomplished partner.

🐴 Elegance on the Flat: Beyond her jumping prowess, this mare also shines on the flat. Her refined movements and responsiveness to aids make her a pleasure to ride during dressage or flatwork sessions. Her willingness to perform and learn enhances her suitability for a variety of disciplines.

🐴 She is ideal for Competent Amateurs: With her combination of skills, experience, and temperament, this mare is the perfect match for a competent amateur rider. Whether you're looking to continue her success in the showjumping ring or explore other disciplines, she offers the versatility and capabilities to support your equestrian aspirations.

If you're an amateur rider seeking a versatile partner then Pippa is your dream come true. Her combination of elegance, athleticism, and responsiveness will elevate your riding experience and provide a platform for success in various disciplines.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us today. Excellent trial facilities based in Hartfield, East Sussex. Transport available worldwide. (For sale on behalf of a client). 


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