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Accomplished 9-Year-Old 17hh Irish Sport Horse Gelding


Meet Victor, an impressive 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding standing tall at 17hh. With a versatile background, Victor boasts a showjumping record up to 1.10m, has successfully tackled unaffiliated eventing, and has proven his mettle in the hunting fields of Ireland. Victor's multifaceted experience makes him an ideal partner for a competent amateur seeking to excel in various equestrian disciplines or for a gentleman hunter looking for a dependable mount.


- Impressive Showjumping Record: Victor has demonstrated his jumping prowess with a record extending up to 1.10m in showjumping competitions. His scope and technique make him a competitive contender in the ring, offering riders the opportunity to aim higher and achieve success.


- Versatility in Eventing: Alongside his showjumping achievements, Victor has showcased his versatility by competing in unaffiliated eventing. His adaptability and willingness to tackle cross-country challenges make him a well-rounded competitor suitable for riders with diverse interests.


- Seasoned Hunter: With experience hunting in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, Victor is a seasoned campaigner in the hunting field. His calm demeanor and surefootedness make him an ideal partner for riders seeking the thrill of the chase in traditional hunting pursuits.


- Ideal for Competent Amateurs and Gentleman Hunters: Whether you're an amateur rider looking to advance in your chosen discipline or a gentleman seeking an elegant mount for hunting pursuits, Victor's steady temperament and proven abilities make him the perfect choice for riders of various backgrounds.


Don't Miss Your Chance to Ride with Victor!


If you're in search of a reliable and accomplished equine partner, look no further than Victor, the 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding with a wealth of experience and a heart full of potential. For more information or to arrange a viewing, please don't hesitate to call! Don't miss this opportunity to embark on memorable equestrian adventures with Victor by your side.



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