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Candy Girl

Meet Candy Girl 🐴

  • 15.3hh

  • 7yo

  • ISH

  • mare

With a wealth of experience under her belt, candy girl is a versatile and accomplished partner ready to take her next rider to new heights. Having competed successfully up to 1m in showjumping competitions, as well as excelling in cross country and hunting pursuits, she is the epitome of a well-rounded equine schoolmistress.

🍭 Candy girl has proven her mettle in the showjumping arena, having competed up to 1m with success. Her careful technique and bold approach make her a competitive contender in the ring, offering riders the opportunity to aim for the top in showjumping competitions.

🌳 Cross Country and Hunting Enthusiast: In addition to her showjumping achievements, she is no stranger to the thrill of cross country and hunting. Her athleticism and bravery shine bright as she tackles challenging terrain and navigates through the excitement of the hunt, making her a reliable and fearless partner for riders seeking adventure.

🐴 Versatile and Reliable: Candy's versatility and reliability make her an ideal partner for riders of various levels and disciplines. Whether you're aiming for ribbons in the showjumping ring, exploring the countryside on cross country courses, or enjoying the camaraderie of the hunt, she is ready to accompany you on your equestrian adventures.

🤝 Trustworthy Companion: With her gentle nature and willing attitude, she is more than just a horse - she's a trusted companion who forms a strong bond with her rider. Her steady temperament and dependable character make her a cherished member of any equestrian family.


Don't Miss Your Opportunity with Candy girl!

If you're searching for a reliable and accomplished equine partner, look no further, with a proven track record and a heart full of adventure. For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact us via the button bellow. 


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