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🐴 Impressive 16.3hh Gelding with a Proven Record in Eventing and Showjumping!!

  • 15yo

  • 16.3hh

  • Gelding


Introducing Direkt, a true gem in the equestrian world! This exceptional gelding has excelled in both eventing and showjumping disciplines, boasting an impressive competition history. With his versatility and winning mindset, he is the perfect partner for an amateur rider looking to tackle bigger classes and reach new heights.


Successful Eventing Career: This remarkable gelding has conquered the eventing scene, showcasing his talent and consistency at the highest level; a testament to his exceptional ability to navigate challenging cross-country courses and demonstrate precision in dressage and showjumping phases.


Showjumping Excellence: In addition to his eventing accomplishments, this versatile gelding has proven his prowess in showjumping. Competing up to the impressive height of 1.30m.


Ideal for Ambitious Amateurs: With his wealth of experience and proven track record, this gelding is an ideal choice for an amateur rider seeking to step up to bigger classes. His reliable nature, combined with his talent and competitive spirit, will provide the perfect platform for riders looking to challenge themselves and aim for new heights in their equestrian journey.


If you're an ambitious amateur rider dreaming of competing at higher levels in both eventing and showjumping, Direkt is your ticket to success. With a proven record in 3* eventing and experience in 1.30m showjumping classes, he offers the perfect balance of experience, talent, and reliability.


For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us today. Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional gelding and embark on an exciting journey towards competitive excellence. Together, you can conquer the arena and make your mark in the equestrian world.

£7500 also available for lease.

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