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Meet Joey, a super safe happy hacker!


  • 8yo

  • 15.1hh

  • ISH

  • Gelding

Easygoing 8-Year-Old 15.1hh Irish Cob Gelding - Your Perfect Companion for Leisurely Rides!

Introducing our charming 8-year-old 15.1hh Irish Cob gelding, the ideal partner for riders seeking a safe and reliable mount to enjoy leisurely rides in the countryside. This easygoing gelding may be a little lazy in the school, but his true passion shines when exploring the great outdoors. From hacking to cross-country adventures, he is a super safe and easy-to-handle companion that guarantees enjoyable rides for those with limited time but a strong desire to embrace the beauty of the countryside on horseback.

🐶 Gentle Nature and Easy Handling: This gelding's calm and kind temperament makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. He is easy to handle in all aspects, from grooming and tacking up to mounting and dismounting. His patient and cooperative nature ensures that every interaction with him is a stress-free experience.

🦄 Perfect for Leisurely Rides: If you're looking for a horse to enjoy relaxed rides, look no further. While he may be a little lazy in the school, his enthusiasm shines through when exploring new trails and taking on cross-country challenges. He thrives in the outdoor environment and is always eager to venture into the countryside, allowing you to create memorable moments on your rides.

💣 Safe and Reliable Mount: Safety is of utmost importance, and this Irish Cob gelding excels in providing a secure riding experience. He is reliable, steady, and level-headed, making him the perfect partner for riders of all levels, including those with limited time or riders looking to regain confidence. With him by your side, you can enjoy peaceful rides while feeling secure and at ease.

⏱ Low Maintenance and Time-Friendly: With his easygoing nature and adaptability, this Irish Cob gelding requires minimal time and effort to maintain. Whether you have a busy schedule or limited time for riding, he will happily accommodate your needs, allowing you to savor the joys of horse ownership without the pressures of intense training or demanding schedules.

Seize the Opportunity!

If you're searching for a gentle and reliable companion to enjoy leisurely rides in the countryside, this 8-year-old Irish Cob gelding is the perfect match. With his calm demeanor, love for hacking and cross-country, and his ability to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience, he is the ideal horse for riders seeking tranquility and connection with nature.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us via the button bellow. Don't miss the chance to own this easygoing Irish Cob gelding and embark on countless relaxing rides through scenic landscapes. Together, you can create cherished memories and experience the true joy of horseback riding in the countryside.


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