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Introducing our striking 10 year old 16.2hh Irish Sports Horse, Rocky!​

Rockie is a dude! His jump is talented with plenty of power, carefulness, scope, heaps of agility and masses of stride for the biggest of combinations! Bought by a lady rider to hack but as you can see he has way too much talent for that job! Suitable for an amateur however he is a talented sport horse and has a gigantic jump so wouldn't be suited to a novice. 

On the flat he works in a stunning outline with cadence and grace in all gates, does beautiful changes on command and has started basic lateral work.

He's had a late start to jumping having only been jumping for a couple of years. Although slightly green he has bundles of confidence, adjustability and is very easy to ride around a course! Currently schooling round 1.10m with spectacular ease she'd easily go out and compete at 1m straight away!

XC he's bold and agile, jumps the biggest and most complex combos, through water skinnies and corners with ease.

Good to shoe, load, travel, clip, shoe, hack alone and in company in traffic and in open spaces.

(For sale on behalf of a client). Excellent trial facilities based Hartfield, East Sussex.


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