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Meet Willy, a rising star in the making!


  • 4yo

  • 16.2hh

  • ISH

  • Gelding

Exciting 4-Year-Old 16.2hh ISH Gelding with Eventing Excellence!

Introducing our remarkable 4-year-old 16.2hh Irish Sport Horse (ISH) gelding, a rising star in the world of eventing! With a top future ahead of him, this talented gelding possesses the perfect combination of athletic ability, potential, and exceptional bloodlines. If you're looking for an impressive prospect to take on the eventing circuit, look no further.

🧬 Exceptional Bloodlines: This gelding boasts a super blood type, making him a highly desirable prospect for the sport of eventing. With carefully selected lineage, his genetics provide a solid foundation for success and the potential to excel at the highest levels.

🏇🏾 Athleticism and Potential: From his expressive movement to his natural talent over fences, this 4-year-old gelding exhibits all the attributes of a future eventing star. His balanced gaits, scope, and athletic prowess make him a thrilling prospect for ambitious riders aiming for the top.

📆 Ideal Age and Size: At 4 years old and standing at 16.2hh, this gelding is at the perfect stage for development. With careful training and guidance, he will continue to grow and strengthen, ensuring a solid foundation for a successful eventing career.

👨🏽‍🎓 Versatility and Trainability: With his young age, this gelding is a blank canvas ready to be shaped into a well-rounded eventing athlete. His eager and willing nature, combined with his innate talent, makes him a dream to train and mold into the ideal partner for the demanding challenges of eventing.

Seize the Opportunity!

If you're an eventing enthusiast searching for a promising young prospect to join your team, this 4-year-old ISH gelding is the one you've been waiting for. With his exceptional bloodlines, athleticism, and the potential for greatness, he is the perfect candidate to embark on a successful eventing career.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact via the button bellow. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this remarkable young gelding and unleash his full potential in the thrilling world of eventing. Together, you can conquer the cross-country courses and achieve your eventing dreams.


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