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Meet Bumble, a super star allrounder!


  • 7yo

  • 16.1hh

  • ISH

  • Gelding

Versatile 7-Year-Old 16.1hh Gelding - Your Perfect Allrounder!

Meet our exceptional 7-year-old 16.1hh gelding, a true gem in the equestrian world! This super allrounder has a diverse range of skills and experiences that make him an ideal partner for riders seeking a versatile and reliable mount. From hunting in Ireland to competing up to 1m in showjumping and enjoying relaxing hacks with an older lady rider, he has proven his adaptability and willingness to excel in various disciplines.


🌍Versatility and Experience: This 7-year-old gelding has a well-rounded background, making him a fantastic allrounder. He has successfully hunted in Ireland, showcasing his bravery, stamina, and adaptability in challenging terrain and fast-paced environments. Additionally, he has competed up to 1m in showjumping, demonstrating his scope, carefulness, and willingness to tackle different types of fences.


💣Reliable and Safe: This gelding's compatibility with an older lady rider during relaxing hacks is a testament to his trustworthy and gentle nature. He is a reliable mount that can be confidently ridden by riders of various levels, making him an ideal choice for those seeking a trustworthy partner for leisurely rides or low-level competition.


🏇🏾Perfect Companion for a Variety of Riders: Whether you're an avid hunter, a recreational rider, or someone looking to enjoy low-level showjumping, this versatile gelding has the skills and temperament to suit your needs. He will happily adapt to your riding style and provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience in any discipline you choose.


⛵️Genuine Reason for Sale: This wonderful gelding is only for sale due to his owner's knee operation, ensuring that he finds a loving home where he can continue to thrive and bring joy to his next rider. His proven track record and adaptability make him a valuable addition to any equestrian family.

If you're searching for a versatile and reliable partner for your equestrian pursuits, this 7-year-old gelding is the perfect choice. With his diverse experience, gentle nature, and proven abilities, he will provide endless enjoyment and companionship in the saddle.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact via the button bellow! Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional allrounder and embark on countless adventures together. Whether you're hunting, competing in showjumping, or enjoying leisurely hacks, this gelding is ready to be your faithful and versatile companion.


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