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Your Future Star in the Making!

Introducing our exceptional 4-year-old cob x Warmblood gelding, a young talent with boundless potential and a heart full of promise. Having been professionally broken earlier this year, he's wasted no time in proving his worth. From adventurous hacking to spirited hound exercises, he's shown his fearless spirit. With a natural flair for flatwork and a budding enthusiasm for jumping, he's your canvas for creating a future equestrian star.

Key Features of our 4-Year-Old Gelding:

🐴 Youthful Promise: At just 4 years old, this gelding represents the future of equestrian excellence. His youth is a testament to the untapped potential within, waiting for the right partner to nurture and develop his abilities.

🧭 Fearless Adventurer: This young gelding has embraced the thrill of the outdoors with enthusiasm. Whether it's leisurely hacking through scenic trails or joining in spirited hound exercises, he approaches every adventure with a can-do attitude that's truly remarkable for his age.

💃 Flatwork Foundation: While he may be a bit green, his early training has laid a solid foundation for flatwork. His movements show promise, and with continued guidance, he's sure to refine his skills and develop into a polished performer in the dressage arena.


🐴 Jumping Enthusiast: What sets him apart is his budding passion for jumping. With a natural aptitude and a decent jump on him already, he's an exciting prospect for riders looking to develop a young talent into a skilled showjumper or eventer.


Seize the Opportunity!


If you're an ambitious rider seeking a young partner with limitless potential, our 4-year-old cob x Warmblood gelding is a blank canvas waiting for your artistic touch. Together, you can sculpt a future equestrian star, whether in dressage, showjumping, or eventing.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, click the contact button bellow. Don't miss the chance to embark on a thrilling journey of growth and accomplishment with this promising young gelding. With your guidance, he's poised to shine brightly in the equestrian world.

Excellent trial facilities based Hartfield, east Sussex; transport available worldwide.

For sale on behalf of a client.


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