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Meet Arla, a super safe allrounder!


  • 10yo

  • 16hh

  • ISH

  • mare

Introducing our exceptional 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse (ISH) mare, the epitome of versatility and reliability. Whether you're seeking a talented partner for showjumping, cross-country, or even just happy hacking, this mare ticks all the boxes. With a proven track record competing up to 90cm in showjumping and cross-country, as well as her exceptional temperament for handling around small kids, she is the dream allrounder you've been searching for.


Versatility at Its Best: This mare is a true allrounder, excelling in various disciplines. Her experience includes competing up to 90cm in showjumping and cross-country, showcasing her ability to tackle a range of fences and challenges. No matter the discipline, she adapts quickly and effortlessly, making her the perfect partner for riders with diverse interests.


Safe and Trustworthy: This mare has a super safe and trustworthy nature, making her an ideal choice for riders of all skill levels, including small children. She is patient, calm, and attentive, providing a secure and enjoyable riding experience for young riders and peace of mind for parents.


A Dream to Hack: If you love leisurely hacks and exploring the countryside, this mare is your ideal companion. She is an absolute pleasure to hack, demonstrating a relaxed and cooperative attitude. With her reliable nature and willingness to take on new trails, every ride will be an adventure filled with breathtaking scenery and memorable moments.


Proven Competition Experience: With her previous competition experience up to 90cm in showjumping and cross-country, this mare has demonstrated her ability to perform at a competitive level. Her consistency and willingness to tackle new challenges make her a valuable asset for riders looking to compete or progress in their chosen disciplines.


Seize the Opportunity!


If you're seeking a versatile and reliable partner for showjumping, cross-country, this 10-year-old ISH mare is your perfect match. With her proven versatility, exceptional temperament, and reliable nature, she will be a cherished addition to your equestrian family.


For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us via the button below. Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional allrounder and embark on countless adventures together. Whether you're competing, exploring new trails, or fostering the love of riding in young equestrians, this mare will exceed your expectations and provide a lifetime of joy.


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