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Exceptional 9-Year-Old 15HH Welsh Cross Gelding - Your Versatile Partner for All Equestrian Adventures!

Introducing our remarkable 9-year-old, 15HH Welsh Cross gelding, the embodiment of a true all-rounder. This versatile gem is the perfect addition to your equestrian family, with a heart as big as his potential. From his impeccable ground manners to his confident solo hacks and sociable group rides, he's a horse with a heart of gold. With a proven track record across various disciplines, he's ready to be your steadfast companion in all your equestrian endeavors.

Key Features of our 9-Year-Old Welsh Cross Gelding:

🐴 Versatile Superstar: This gelding is a true all-rounder, excelling in a wide range of equestrian activities. His versatility shines through in his accomplishments, including BE80 eventing, successful outings in hunter trials, and showjumping up to 90cm. At home, he's schooling confidently up to 1.10m, demonstrating his potential to reach new heights.

🐴 The Perfect Partner: On the ground, he's a gentleman through and through, displaying impeccable manners and a friendly disposition. Whether it's grooming, tacking up, or simply enjoying some bonding time, he's a pleasure to be around. His easy-going nature extends to hacking, where he's equally comfortable on solo adventures or as part of a lively group.

🐴 Proven Performance: This gelding's record speaks volumes about his capabilities. His experience in BE80 eventing showcases his willingness to tackle challenging courses, while his achievements in hunter trials and showjumping underscore his adaptability and skill. His combined training and dressage expertise make him a well-rounded competitor.

🐴 Boundless Potential: With a strong foundation and a willingness to learn, this Welsh Cross gelding is poised for greatness. Whether you're an amateur rider looking to enjoy a variety of disciplines or an aspiring competitor seeking a partner to grow with, he has the potential to help you achieve your equestrian dreams.

If you're in search of a versatile, dependable, and talented equine companion, look no further than our 9-year-old Welsh Cross gelding. He's not just a horse; he's a cherished addition to your equestrian family, ready to embark on new adventures and create lasting memories together.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, click the contact button bellow. Don't miss the chance to make this exceptional gelding a part of your equestrian journey. Together, you can conquer new horizons and experience the joy of shared achievements in the world of horses.

Unfortuntely hugh does make a noise in his breathing but this has not ever effected his performance foreventing.

Excellent trial facilities based in Hartfield, East Sussex. For sale on behalf of a client. Transport available worldwide. 


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