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🐴 Promising 6-Year-Old 16.3hh ISH Gelding with Outstanding Jumping Potential!

  • 6yo

  • 16.3hh

  • ISH

  • Gelding

Introducing our exceptional 6-year-old 16.3hh Irish Sport Horse (ISH) gelding, a rising star in the showjumping world! With limited show experience, he has already demonstrated his exceptional talent, jumping clear rounds in 4 out of 5 shows. This super careful, brave, and consistent gelding shows great promise for the future. Although he started his career late, his sharpness is a testament to his greenness, and with further training, he will blossom into an ideal partner for jumping age classes and Grand Prix events.


Key Features of our 6-Year-Old ISH Gelding:


1. Natural Talent and Consistency: This gelding showcases remarkable natural jumping ability, displaying carefulness, bravery, and consistency in every round. With his innate talent and willingness to perform, he has the potential to excel in the competitive world of showjumping.


2. Exciting Show Results: Despite his limited show experience, this young gelding has already made his mark in the arena. He has consistently produced clear rounds in 4 out of 5 shows, demonstrating his aptitude for navigating technical courses and delivering faultless performances. Notably, he recently jumped clear in the 6-year-old (1.25m) class at Hickstead, showcasing his scope and potential at higher levels.


3. Ideal for Ambitious Riders: With his impressive jumping ability and promising show results, this 6-year-old gelding is the perfect asset for riders with aspirations of competing in age classes and Grand Prix events. His talent, combined with his consistency and bravery, makes him an exciting prospect for riders looking to make their mark in the showjumping arena.


4. Room for Development: As a young horse with a late start to his career, his sharpness is a reflection of his greenness. With proper training, guidance, and further exposure to show environments, he will continue to mature and develop, unlocking his full potential as a top-level competitor.


Unleash his Untapped Potential!


If you're an ambitious rider seeking a talented and promising partner for jumping age classes and aspiring to compete in Grand Prix events, this 6-year-old ISH gelding is your ticket to success. With his natural talent, consistency, and recent achievements, he offers a remarkable opportunity to take your showjumping career to new heights.


For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us today. Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional young gelding and embark on a journey of success in the thrilling world of showjumping. Together, you can conquer the fences and achieve greatness.




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