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  • Connemara

  • Gelding

  • 8 Years Old

  • 14.1hh

Are you in search of the perfect equine partner for your young rider? Look no further than our charming Teddy!

🌈 A True Allrounder: Teddy is not just any pony; he's a versatile dream come true! Whether it's dressage, show jumping, or a delightful trail ride, this Connemara gelding excels in every arena. His balanced and rhythmic gaits make him an ideal choice for young riders looking to explore various disciplines.

🌟 Child's Best Friend: Gentle, patient, and ever so sweet, Teddy is the epitome of a child's best friend. His calm demeanour and friendly nature make him a joy to be around, both in and out of the stable. Your child will not only gain a fantastic riding partner but also a four-legged companion for a lifetime of memories.

🚀 Show Jumping Superstar: Get ready to soar to new heights with Teddy! This talented gelding has an innate ability for show jumping, showcasing impressive scope and agility. Whether it's clearing those colourful fences or navigating a challenging course, Teddy is ready to take your young rider to the winner's circle.

🎨 A Picture of Elegance: With his striking Connemara features and a glossy coat that shimmers in the sunlight, Teddy is a true visual delight. Prepare to turn heads in the show ring with this handsome gelding that embodies both grace and athleticism.

🔒 Safe and Sound: Safety is our top priority, and Teddy is a steady and reliable partner. He's been meticulously trained and handled, ensuring a secure and enjoyable riding experience for riders of all levels.

🌟 Your Family's New Equine Star: Don't miss the chance to welcome Teddy into your family. This Connemara gelding is not just a pony; he's a lifelong friend, a versatile performer, and a show jumping sensation all rolled into one.

Green book Connemara gelding. NN Hoof Wall tested. 

Excellent trial facilities based in Hartfield, East Sussex. For sale on behalf of a client. Transport available worldwide. 


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