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Meet Sausage, your kind, well-mannered and versatile equine companion! 🐴 He really is a sweetie!


  • 10 years old

  • 15.2 hands high

  • British Cob

  • Gelding

Introducing Sausage, our delightful 10-year-old, 15.2hh British Cob gelding. Sausage is not just your go-to partner for leisurely rides; he's a versatile equine gem with untapped potential as your perfect show cob or hunter teammate. While he thrives as a happy hacker, his innate abilities promise to shine in various equestrian disciplines.

🐴 Happy Hacker with Show Potential: Sausage's heart is in hacking, where he truly comes alive. His relaxed demeanor makes leisurely rides through picturesque landscapes an absolute joy. However, don't be fooled by his casual charm, as he harbors the potential to be a show-stopping cob or a skilled hunter in the right hands.

🌞 Cheerful Nature and Adaptability: Sausage's cheerful disposition makes every moment spent with him a pleasure. His adaptability extends from grooming and tacking up to mounting and dismounting. He's a patient and cooperative companion, ensuring that your time with him is always stress-free.

🏆 Your Versatile Equine Partner: Whether you're exploring the countryside or aiming for show ring success, Sausage is your ticket to a secure and enjoyable riding experience. His steady and level-headed demeanor makes him a dependable partner for riders of all levels, from beginners to those seeking new challenges.

⏰ Time-Friendly and Low Maintenance: Sausage's easygoing nature and quick adaptability mean he won't demand extensive training or a rigid schedule. Whether your days are packed or your riding time is limited, Sausage happily accommodates your needs, allowing you to relish horse ownership without added pressures.

🤝 Don't Miss Out on Sausage!

If you're in search of a kind and versatile equine companion who excels in leisurely rides and holds promise as a show cob or hunter, look no further than Sausage. With his calm demeanour, love for hacking, and untapped potential, he's the ideal horse for riders seeking both tranquility and versatility in their equestrian pursuits.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact us using the button below. 


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